This is the open web home of The Artifex and the Muse speculative fiction series by Audrey Auden.
Independent bookstores and bookstore chains can now order The Voice in All via IngramSpark
An indie author's journey from human illustration to AI art for fantasy fiction
I invite all members of my ARC team and promotion team to use the following images and hashtags when posting and sharing on social media
The Voice in All (Book One of my YA fantasy series The Artifex and the Muse) is on sale today, and launch promotion events are underway from now through…
What do a pair of star-crossed lovers from the Bronze Age need more than anything else? A mixtape from the 21st century, of course.
Join the team of OG Realms Unreel fans helping to expand the story universe
Dear reader, It has been three thousand seven hundred and thirty-three days since I released my debut novel Realms Unreel on November 22, 2011. Realms…
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The Artifex and the Muse