Three ways to read The Voice in All

The Voice in All is Book One of the speculative fiction saga The Artifex and the Muse.

Wow, this book was phenomenal! A five-star read, for sure! … The main characters, Dom and Ava, are insightful, utterly human, apologetic, and open to change … It was brilliant, show-stopping, and spectacular, as Lady Gaga would say; and it was by far the best book I’ve read all year.

The N in NYA reviews The Voice in All

Read more reviews, or scroll down for three great ways to read the book.

1. Read the interactive version of the book right here!

I love interactive media and AI art, so I create beautiful interactive versions of my stories that incorporate author-created illustrations and author-suggested music pairings for many scenes. (Learn more about the Book One soundtrack here.)

If you enjoy reading online, you can read the interactive edition of the book right here on my author website by signing up for any of my paid subscriptions.

The Voice in All (interactive edition)

Paid subscribers receive full access to the complete interactive version of The Voice in All, the in-progress author-narrated audiobook of The Voice in All, and the in-progress beta reader interactive version of The Path of Mysteries (Book Two of the series). All proceeds from your subscription directly support my work writing the series and producing related content, like audiobooks.

I’ve included a few sample chapters of the interactive book for free so everyone can try it out. If you like what you see and would like to read the rest of the book this way, simply hit the subscribe button anywhere on this website, and that will unlock the full interactive book for you.

2. Buy the book from an independent bookstore

If you love your independent bookstore, you can request a copy from your local store owner. They can order the paperback or hardcover versions of The Voice in All on your behalf from my international wholesale distributor, IngramSpark.

When you purchase from your independent bookstore, you support businesses and jobs in your community. Yay! (You also help me with word-of-mouth marketing, for which you have my deep gratitude.)

Readers in the United States can also purchase signed copies of the book from my own beloved local independent bookstore, the Little Village Toy & Book Shop in Littleton, New Hampshire. Katherine at Little Village stocks their YA titles and can help you place an order for a signed copy. Their phone number is (603) 444-4TOY / (603) 444-4869.

3. Buy from your favorite online book retailer

If the first two options don’t work for you, you can buy ebook and print versions of The Voice in All on Amazon. No judgment. They just make it too easy, don’t they?

Paperback and hardcover versions will also be available on all the top book retailer websites by November 2022.

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