The Many Worlds

The Many Worlds is Book 3 of the award-winning epic fantasy series The Artifex and the Muse by Audrey Auden. The book is currently available for pre-order.

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About The Many Worlds

When the Voice in All called Ava and Dom to walk the path of mysteries together, neither of them knew the price they would pay. But since their Calling Day, disaster has shadowed every step along their path. Death should have ended their journey many times already, but even Death offers no escape from the Voice.

To escape the endless cycle of love and loss in which they’re trapped, Ava and Dom must answer their callings to reveal a mystery that’s been protected through the ages by powerful forces governing the many worlds. Will serving the Voice be a blessing or a curse? Sometimes, the only way to know is to do.

Praise for The Voice in All (Book 1 of the series)

First Place Winner for New Adult Fiction — 2024 IndieReader Discover Awards

Top 10 Book for Young Adult Fiction — 2023 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards

First Place Winner for Visionary Fiction — Speak Up Talk Radio 2022 Firebird Book Awards

Gold Tier — The Review Curmudgeon Best of 2022 List

Wow, this book was phenomenal! A five-star read, for sure! … The main characters, Dom and Ava, are insightful, utterly human, apologetic, and open to change … It was brilliant, show-stopping, and spectacular, as Lady Gaga would say; and it was by far the best book I’ve read all year.

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